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OJ Meat Loaf

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OJ Meat Loaf
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  1. 500 grams mince
  2. 500 grams sausage meat
  3. 4 chopped onions (boil in water 5 minutes to soften)
  4. 3 cups soft breadcrumbs
  5. parsley
  6. mixed herbs
  7. garlic salt
  8. all-purpose seasoning as desired.
  9. 1 tsp curry powder
  10. ½ cup pasta sauce
  11. 2 beaten eggs
  12. ½ cup milk
  1. Combine all ingredients well. Bake in moderate oven ½ hour in 2 loaf tins. Drain off the liquid and tip loaves into roasting dish. Pour over the following BBQ sauce. Cook for about 50 minutes.
  2. OJ is a NZ outreach of OAC Ministries. When a team stayed with Peter's parents, they were served this meatloaf.
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