Kid quotes

There are some things you don’t hear (often) unless you have kids. Like these:

“I didn’t” -Erin, in response to everything.
“Mummy, do we need to fix it?”- Ryan, after he found a dead frog.

more to follow…

Family History

We picked up a copy of work that has been done on our family tree when we visited Peter’s Aunty Mary and Uncle Ross in Napier, New Zealand in April 2006. There are about 2500 people in the tree dating back to some ancestors who were in Germany in the 1600’s.

The data is stored in a Legacy family tree database and Mary and Ross are encouraging the family to share the tree so that more data can be collected. Download the latest version of the software from, then contact us (or Mary and Ross) and we will send you our latest version of the data.

We have started to enter some of Edria’s side of the family as well as Peter’s mum’s side. We are particularly interested in hearing from you if you have any data from these branches of the family.


ryantelephoneMost days, Ryan says he has to do “Ryan work” and then logs into the computer, goes to his favourite websites or uses the word processor or spreadsheet.

Ryan is starting to talk on the telephone now. Though it is cheaper for us if he uses Skype to call relatives long distance.

Ryan reading

Ryan reading

Ryan loves reading. He learnt the English alphabet when he was about one and a half. He started spelling words like cat, dog, mummy, daddy, dinosaur and helicopter when he was two. He then progressed to reading words and whole sentences.