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Visiting New Zealand

In April and May 2006 we visited New Zealand to catch up with a lot of friends and relations we hadn’t seen for two and a half years.

It was Erin’s first international trip and so Istanbul passport control were surprised that she didn’t have an entry stamp.

Our travels took us from Kaikohe in the North of NZ to Dunedin in the South. We drove about 4500 km and had four domestic flights and two ferry trips.

Highlights include:
– Meeting new nieces, nephews and cousins
– Speaking to lots of people about life in Turkey
– Eating kiwi “kai”
– Driving Grandad’s digger
– Playing draughts with Grandpa
– Seeing Peter’s grandparents before Nana died
– Seeing Edria’s grandmother before she died
– Staying in beach houses larger than our apartment

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