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Prague, March 2019

Museums, galleries, museums.

Prague has hundreds of museums and galleries to visit. We spent four nights in a rooftop apartment that was easy walking distance to a lot of the old city. During the days, we enjoyed exploring the city’s sights and cuisine on our Spring Break holiday.  

Some of the highlights of our trip include:
Museums: Nostalgic Museum, Strahov Monastery Library, Lego, Alchemy and Ghosts, KGB, Apple, and a World of Franz Kafka experience
Art: Andy Warhol/Alfons Mucha/Salvator Dalí, Kampa, Gallerie Nova Sin
Street food: Berries, beer, hot dog, hot wine, trdelnik = cinnamon pastry with whipped cream, halušky = ham/potatoes/cabbage

Penguins lining up near the Kampa Gallery
Babies crawling up the Žižkov Television Tower
Prague Astronomical Clock
Havelské tržiště | Havelska Street Market, dating back to 1232.
Street performers in the Old Town Square
A canal boat on the Vltava River
A squirrel in Petřín Gardens
Many buildings had amazing facades
Bubbles in Old Town Square
A mix on old and modern architecture near the Vltava River
Cathedral of St. Lawrence.
Stations of the Cross in the Petřín Gardens

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