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Greek Islands

Now that we are living in Western Turkey, it is very easy to take trips to Greece. There are several Greek Islands in the Agean Sea so we hope to explore as many as we can.


In December 2003, we went to Chios for a day trip. Being winter, and arriving in the middle of the day during the ‘siesta’, many of the shops and markets were very quiet. It was rather cold and windy, but we took Ryan to a park after lunch and walked around a bit.

For lunch we bought some food we couldn’t normally get in Turkey and we stocked up on some cheeses to take back for our friends.

Another day trip here in February 2004. Same again, but we were all sick after we returned home.

We visited Chios another time with friends who also had to make the trip to renew visas. Ryan was still very young at the time and he impressed them with spelling words like helicopter. 


In May 2004 we spent a couple of nights in Kusadasi, Turkey and then took the morning ferry to Samos. We stayed a nigth in the town of Pythagorio, named after Pythagorus, the mathematician famous for his work with triangles.
We took another day trip here in August 2004 and watched some of the Olympics (on TV while having lunch), lazed on a beach and did some shopping.


The following morning we took a ferry to Patmos and after a snack walked around the shops.


We then caught another ferry to Rhodes which stopped at several other Greek Islands on the way. We stayed the night in the ancient walled city of Rhodos and the following morning took another ferry to Marmaris, Turkey and stayed a couple of nights there.




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